The students at the TED Rönesans College access knowledge in mathematics lessons, by working in environments prepared as aimed to eliminate a problem by the problem solving approach and discussing with each other. The ARF Mobile Mathematics Laboratory is an indispensable part of these learning environments. It has been set up as a mobile mechanism in order to enable all students to access it easily. It takes its name from the world-renowned Turkish mathematician “Cahit Arf”. Cahit Arf has observed mathematics not as a profession, but as a lifestyle. He has always told his students: "Do not memorize mathematics, do it yourself and understand it. Mathematics in principle is a patience issue. It is necessary to comprehend it not by memorizing, but by exploring”.

In this laboratory, our students question knowledge by using a wide variety of manipulative tools, produced and used in many countries in the World, explore by problem solving, and associate mathematics topics with real life. In this manner, lasting and full learning is ensured. Moreover, while doing this, their learning environments are diversified according to their differences. In this manner, our students develop as compatible with their levels. As the ARF Mobile Mathematics Laboratory travels around the classrooms, the students learn without being bored, but having fun.

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