TED Rönesans College’ English Department is committed to providing a comprehensive, literature focused, K-12 program of academic excellence tailored to the individual strengths and potential of each student.


To enable our students to feel confident speaking in English
To develop strong literacy skills
To expand lexical and grammatical knowledge
To prepare students for academic and social success


Our teaching and learning approach is theme and literacy based. Students acquire a rich and varied range of transferable English skills through personalized, student-centred learning, cultivating a lifelong drive toward both academic and social success. We incorporate differentiated instruction into our program to ensure that different types of learners and levels are accommodated for. Students also have the opportunity to participate in English clubs increasing their exposure to the language and building their confidence as English speakers.


Our K12 program is a comprehensive, ‘standards-based’ program for English learners, designed to develop English Language proficiency and encourage the development of each student’s “individual potential” through critical thinking, clear writing, articulate speech, thoughtful decision-making, intellectual risk-taking, and respect for others.

Division of lessons:

Prep has 22 lessons of English per week. Students will receive lessons from English native speakers and from bilingual Turkish speakers. Prep classes will be streamed according to language proficiency with Prep Core accommodating students who require foundation language skills and vocabulary building while Prep Extended will cater for students whose English level is considerably more developed..

Themes, Books and Resources:

To support our programme’s objectives students will be exposed to a variety of different types of authentic English resources. These include theme-based readers and interactive / electronic resources. Themes across the Prep programme include “Fate”, “Mystery”, “Refugees” and “Segregation” to name a few.
To support our literacy program our students will be using “Achieve3000” a web-based differentiated K-12 program that combines technology, academic and news articles. In addition, students will have access to over 5,000 books on the MyOn online reading platform; a reading software that students can access anytime using their smartphone, tablet, or PC. Students will also be able to utilise BrainPop ESL, an interactive online software for grammar practice.

Cambridge Exams for Prep:

Our program adopts the levels determined by the Common European Framework and our aim is to bring our students to their targeted levels. Apart from the different means of assessments our English Department provides throughout the year, we also provide our students the opportunity to take the internationally recognized Cambridge KET, PET, and FCE Exams. Success in the Cambridge PET exam is a strong indicator that students will be able to manage the rigors of the high school English curriculum.

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