Middle School and High School

Middle School English Programme

Our approach to teaching and learning English across K-8 is the comprehensible input method, i.e. students learn English through a rich literature based curriculum where the language is presented in context and explored through broader themes encouraging them to respect cultural perspectives that differ from their own. All the skills; listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as structural and lexical knowledge of the language are developed systematically over the years.
Our programmes in the middle school lead the way into international examinations, such as the Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and BTEC’s vocational qualifications (Business and Technology Education Council). In grade 7 students can elect the BTEC in Social Media, an internationally recognised vocational qualification which paves the way for the BTEC in Information Technology in 8th grade. Our students’ English level is trackedby TED and Cambridge examinations
throughout the year. In grade 5, students will begin preparation for the internationally recognised Cambridge KET (taken in grade 6) and PET (taken in grade 7), these set the foundation for the high school’s IGCSE English as a Second Language programme.

Our Cambridge Accreditation

Our school was granted Cambridge accreditation on 5 November 2014 based on its educational philosophy, approaches, institutional values, the competency of its academic staff, and its facilities. As a result, we are authorised to offer Cambridge English programmes leading to internationally recognized certification. Cambridge English programmes set high standards for academic success and we commence with the Secondary programme.

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