Various club activities are carried out at our school in order to ensure that our students are able to recognize themselves through various activities in the education teaching program, realize and differentiate their fields of interest and are able to develop as versatile individuals.

Different club activities collected under the main headings of arts, sports, science, language and technology are held at all levels, starting from pre-school, during school hours.

Our pre-school and 1st Grade students are involved in ten different club activities they will experience in three-week periods throughout the year.

Meanwhile, our students in 2nd and 3rd Grade choose the clubs they wish to participate in following the club introductions held during the first week of each teaching-education year, and may pass to another club activity during the second semester.

Staring with the 4th Grade, our students select their club activities following the introductions during the first week of the education-training year and continue this club activity throughout the year.

Club activities at all levels are held on the following dates and times, starting with the second week of the education-training year.

Grades Club Days Club Hours
Pre-school Small Thursday 10:30-11:10
Pre-school Big Thursday 10:30-11:10
1st Grades Thursday 13:40-14:20
2nd and 3rd Grades Wednesday 12:50-14:20
4th, 5th and 6th Grades Wednesday 14:30-16:00

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