In today’s global world, being able to communicate is vital. The key for success lies on good communication skills as well as on the excellent knowledge of more than one foreign language. Our school believes on how critical it is to expose students as early as possible to foreign languages.This is why, when they enter Grade 4 all students chose a second foreign language from the four offered: French, German, Russian and Spanish.

The aim of our Second Foreign Languages Department is to enable all students to be proficient in the chosen language by providing them with the necessary language knowledge and cultural awareness. This way, they embark on a rich and exciting new journey acquiring along the way the confidence to use their priceless tool, a new language.

All Second Foreign Languages curricula are organized around the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”. It states a very comprehensive list of goals and competencies, which determine the level reached by the student. In addition, all students are offered the opportunity to take worldwide-known exams such as DELF (French), DELE (Spanish), FIT (German) and TORFL (Russian).

The language is taught across the four competencies (speaking, listening, reading and writing) but a clear emphasis is made on speaking and listening to facilitate prompt communication. We encourage students to be as accurate as possible in their use of the language by integrating grammatical knowledge. Having native teachers for each language is also crucial to ensure good pronunciation as early as possible. Differentiated teaching styles are adopted as well as differentiated tasks in order to maximize each child’s motivation and give them the chance to reach their highest potential.

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