Turkish Education Association

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The Turkish Education Association, the first non-governmental education organization of our country was established on January 31, 1928 under the title “Türk Maarif Cemiyeti” (Turkish Learning Society). The Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk shaped the Republic’s road map for education at the Education Council which he convened while there was an ongoing war. The road map covered the development of education with the help of the community.

The founder of the Republic lit the torch of the association in order to render education widespread throughout a period of time when there was a campaign against ignorance and poverty, to increase the quality of education, and to carry out related activities.

“… We are so far from meeting the need to develop in science and education. For the next year I would kindly ask for your devotion, the greatest devotion a state could make and I would also strongly advise the wealthy citizens to sponsor the education and upbringing of the children who have been put under their guardianship”.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Opening Speech of the 2nd Term of the Turkish Grand National Assembly
November 1, 1925

The society which was founded with great devotion of the leading representatives and businesspeople of the Republic of Turkey acquired the status of “association working for public welfare” on December 12, 1939 with the Cabinet Decree upon its successful activities across the country. In June 1946 it took the name “Turkish Education Association” (Türk Eğitim Derneği).

The emblem of the Turkish Education Association was accepted as its current form in March 1929. The crescent on the emblem is taken from the Turkish Flag. The torch which symbolizes education is the symbol of the main purpose of our association. The stars are dedicated to the five members of the first Executive Committee to honor their great contribution to the establishment and development of the association.

The main purpose of the association which was available in the first code is still valid today: “The key concern of the Society is to provide support to the education of the country’s youth without pursuing any political goals”. Up until today the Turkish Education Association has remained faithful to this principle and has been carrying out its activities in line with it.

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