The primary aim of the Visual Arts programme in our school is to raise students as individuals who have an artistic perspective, can discuss and interpret works of art, and who participate in artistic and cultural activities as part of their daily lives.

Enabling our students to develop themselves as they reveal their creativity throughout their process of self-exploration and raising confident generations are essential elements of our programme.

In Visual Arts and ceramics studios students experiment with forms of visual arts such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, marbling, and print techniques. As they work with different materials and learn various techniques, students develop their thinking and decision-making skills.

The skills that are targeted through the Visual Arts curriculum are:

Igniting and developing creativity that would be necessary in every field of life;
Comprehending the fact that art is originality and it contributes to life;
Developing imganization and applying what they design using their imagination;
Acquiring the skill of coming up with original solutions;
Learning technical knowledge and skills regarding stylistics;
Undertaking responsibility individually or in group work and cooperating with others; and
Continuing the work they started and being able to complete the work with organized and practical effort.

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